Man’s on fire

Man’s on fire from the inside…

After all this time I want you to know that you did nothing wrong, no mistakes, no insults.. You were merely a nice person and good friend, but I was so noble in my thinking and never thought that things would escalate too fast, but I really hope you will understand that things and people change that way you will also realize that i have to change and walk away from this.

Man’s not love….

I used to know love… As a matter of fact I still do, but it’s a different kind of love. It hurts more than it heals, it burns you on the inside till ashes are the only thing left. Why do you have to do like that, ain’t the thought of I walking away not scary? Don’t you dread the day i will be long gone and no one will be there to hold and caress you? Do you even remember that actions speak louder than words? You were not supposed to do what you did!

Man’s on the move…

I have to run away, move on as fast as possible before the little shreds of love in my broken heart are burnt away. You can never lose everything, something has to be left to survive. I have tried this before maybe i should actually do it, but am sure it wouldn’t hurt as much as you did hurt m.
Guess its true tit for tat is always the fairest game.

Man’s not happy

Happiness is now a choice of whether I should continue to trust in this (whatever it is or was) or to just move away and watch from a distance. Healing comes with accepting the problem, nothing is really right, everything is a disorder. Just know i have to choose happiness over stress, happiness or hurting, happiness over friendship, happiness over a faked hook up, happiness over everything.

Man’s on fire……..



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